Montana Conference for Education Leadership, October 17, 2013

Personal Notes:»

I am very happy to be speaking to you today. Many of you will walk away today believing that I talked about technology. Afterall, I am a technology educator. But that is not my point. What challenges us, as education leaders, is not how technology has changed. It is how our times are changing, our children are changing, and the very nature of information has changed. This is, in no small part, a result advances in informationa nd communication technologies. But it’s not the tech that challenges us.

In fact, there is another keynote address that I frequently deliver, where I say,

Stop integrating technology.  Instead, integrate contemporary literacy.

But this is only part of what I’m going to be talking about.  There are three items that are challenging us.  Three converging conditions, a perfect storm, that is forcing us for the first time in decades to rethink education and even rethink what it means to be educated.  I won’t spoil it by listing them here.  But you will be able to find the ancillary materials below.

It is wonderful to be back on Montana, only my second engagement here. You state was the 49th state that I’ve worked in. I have only one more – Rhode Island.

I have to confess, though, that I was hoping for a giant window with a magnificent mountainscape ;-)

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