Technology & Literacy in Warsaw Missouri, November 1, 2013

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It may not be obvious to many how much technology (as we think of it today) and literacy are intertwined. Our traditional notions of literacy have been bound to the three Rs: reading, arithmetic and writing. These skills, believe it or not, are founded on technology, the technology of paper and published print. Information was physical and scarce. Simply being able to read, perform calculations with numbers and write coherently, were hallmarks of literacy.

Today, the technology that carries information has changed — and it has changed the nature of information. It's changed in..

  • What it looks like,
  • What we look at to view it,
  • How we find it,
  • Where we go to find it,
  • What we can do with it, and
  • How we communicate it.

Information is increasingly networked, digital and abundant (overwhelming). Each of these new qualities of today's prevailing information landscape affect what it means to be literate. So how do we re-spell the 3Rs?

We will be exploring this new model of literacy and also how it is embedded within a perfect storm of converging conditions that are forcing us to rethink education, and even what it means to be educated.

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I had a wonderful ride down from Kansas City yesterday and enjoyed seeing all the color. I've been to Montana, New Hampshire, and the mountains of North Carolina this season, but haven't seen such autumn beauty this year as I saw yesterday. Photos will come to my Flickr account.

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