Lighting the Way with Illinois Association of School Boards – Nov 22, 2013

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It is difficult for me to come up with an endeavor that is more complex and more important than public education – especially in this time of rapid change. All indications are that prosperity in our future, our children's future, will be generated by the resourcefulness and creativity of people – what can be dug out of the ground and muscled together in factories.

Certainly, agriculture is an exception, and a cherished component of much of illinois's economy. But even that is changing and from the juice of human inventiveness. I've spoken at a number of farmer conferences, and have been blown away by what's happening in the industry.

As education leaders, expressing these complexities to your stakeholders is difficult, especially in a way that convinces them of the critical importance of adapting teaching, learning and classrooms to changing times. In this keynote address, I will attempt to give you a short story, an elevator pitch, a three bullet list of reasons, factoring the challenges down to their fundamentals.

Essentially, we are facing a perfect storm of converging conditions and they are forcing us to rethink education and even what it means to be educated. We are now

Preparing a new generation of learners,Within a new information environment,For a future that we can not clearly describe.

This affects, among other things, the pedagogies of teaching, the definition of literacy, and exactly what our children need to be learning in order to be able to prosper from surprise.

More materials are available here, along with your backchannel transcript:

It's wonderful to be back in Chicago and working with education from across the state. I am especially looking forward to meeting with some old friends, ed tech'ers whom I have worked with in the past and always ALWAYS learn from. I need to add that in visiting the exhibit hall and speaking with association staff, I feel like I've made some new friends. Powered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.5

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