Virtual Worlds

Screen Capture from a PD in Second Life

Screen Capture from a PD in Second Life

MUVEs, or MultiUser Virtual Environments, have been around for many years, evolving from the text-based MUDs of the early 1990, to the rich graphical environments of popular video games like Halo and World of Warcrarft, and other virtual social worlds of work and play. Second Life, the most popular of these worlds, now hosts more than 13 million residents who play, socialize, work, do business, and even teacher and learn online.

A growing community of educators are staking claim to portions of Second Life, even inviting their students in to the Teen Grid to use this 3D virtual space as a canvas for exploration and expression. This presentation will uncover some of the most intriguing aspects of Second Life, teaching and learning potentials, and some other emerging environments that are holding even more promise for teachers.


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