ASEC Fall Conference, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Essay Winner Reading Her Work

It feels a bit odd for me to be speaking to educator here who are in the business of literacy, and I’m not talking about literacy. Actually, I’ll be speaking to librarians and technology educators tomorrow about literacy. Here, I’m talking about pedagogy, though I will likely not use that word.

We’re struggling today to prepare a new generation of learners, within a new information environment, for a future we can not clearly describe. Each of the new and converging conditions has profound implications in terms of what and how our children learn.

I would like to suggest that one of the places we look to discover new ways of teaching and learning is to our children’s outside-the-classroom information/learning experiences. Information is what gives their experience meaning, and learning is what drives them forward.

  • Cracking the Code of the Digital Information Experience (Keynote Address) – handouts
  • Backchannel transcript is here

It’s an honor to be back in Manitoba and especially in Winnipeg. Unfortunately, it seems that every time I visit this city, it’s raining and cold, though I’m not sure we’d call this cold.

Still, working with educators in the mid-west, whether in the U.S. or Canada, is always a treat.

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