Meeting the Challenge of Education Reform – Indianapolis, Indiana

Personal Notes:»

Education reform as several meanings represented by distinct camps of advocates. But we are all here to serve the very same children and their future.

Regardless of where you go for your answers, from retooling your classrooms or systemic reform, there are three conditions that are converging, brand new qualities to the context of our work that are forcing us, for the first time in decades, the rethink education. ..and even rethink what it means to be educated.

We are, today

  1. Preparing a new generation of learners
  2. Within a new information environment
  3. For a future we can no longer clearly describe.”

Here are links to the online handouts for my presentation and also the backchannel transcript, if we should decide to use it.

ESOIt is an honor to be spending the day with superintendents and school board members from the Hoosier State and in this very fine revitalized downtown.

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