Moving K-12 Forward – Souix Falls, South Dakota

Personal Notes:»

I am very pleased to be with you at your annual conference, and am especially pleased with the theme of your conference, Moving K-12 Forward. In many ways, I feel that weve been going backwards for a number of years.

My task will be to set a stage for your efforts, to build some context for the conversation about teaching and learning in South Dakota. I will talk first, during the keynote address, about our students and the world we are preparing them for. Its a perfect storm of converging conditions that are forcing us to rethink teaching and learning, and even what it means to be educated.

Here are some links to the session pages for the keynote and for a session Ill do about what is happening to our notions of being literate.

ESOHere is a link to the Europeon Southern Observatory contest for voting the object that the Very Large Telescope will be aimed at on October 4. Of course, I am of the Sputnik age, where we were all going to become scientists, with black rimmed glasses. I loved astronomy and actually got extra credit once for building a rocket, which was good since I didnt do well on tests.

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