Web 2.0

Web 2.0 Company Logos

Web 2.0 Company Logos

We are surrounded by new technologies. They are emerging in almost every shape and color, and with a dizzying array of functions and capabilities, many of which have almost no practicality at all. One mark of good educators and educated people is the quality of skepticism — to always ask, “Why!”

Largely due to technology, one shift has occurred over the past decade and a half that we, as educators, simply can not ignore. It is the degree and character to which the very nature of information has changed. Information has become increasingly networked, digital, and overwhelming — and each of these qualities impacts directly on what it means to be literate in the 21st century.

During recent months, shifts in the quality of content have continued and even accelerated. Blogs, wikis, and social media are redefining how information flows through the networks, connects and reconnects, and brings people together, based not on their geography, but on their ideas — and they are reshaping commerce and scholarship. The new shape of information is redefining basic skills.

Learn about the new Web from blogger, podcaster, Web 2.0 programmer, and 30+ year educator David Warlick. See how information now travels on many different levels, and how educators are seeking out new connections, shaping new and valuable learning products, and creating customized roadmaps on the Information highway. This session is guaranteed to have teachers on the edges of their seats.


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