Virginia STEM Summit – Longwood University

Personal Notes:»
STEM Summit during the Eric Rhoades Presentations

So my question is, “Can we teach STEM?” I would suggest that scientists can’t be made. They’re nurtured. I recently read an article suggesting that toddlers think and solve problems like scientists. We seem to teach that out of them.

I suggest, that to find the pedagogies that will nurturer scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians, that we look to the learning experiences that our children practice, their ‘native’ information experiences, and identify elements of that experiences and learn how they might become part of our formal learning environments and experiences.

What an amazing opportunity for you and for me, to see such fantastic presenters with enlightening ideas (and toys).

I was especially impressed with Samatha’s presentation, though I confess that I didn’t understand a lot about celloidosomes. But she would be a nature-born teachers.

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