UT SBA • Salt Lake City, Utah

Personal Notes:»
Freedom Chair, constructed by a local superintendent for Utah citizens serving in the Middle East

The theme for you conference is Vision and Leadership for the 21st Century.  It is one of the most important functions of our education institution that we are still, with more than a tenth of the century behind us that we are still talking about 21st century vision.  Education must be a force for insuring that the heritage and values of our society(s) remain a continuing part of our children’s lives and their futures.

Still, it is the future that we are preparing them for, not our yesterdays.  We must learn to tell a new story about teaching and learning in the 21st century, a story based on three fundamental qualities of our times.  These qualities, these converging conditions, will be the foundation of my talk.

It is a great pleasure to be back in Salt Lake City. This is also my first gig of the new year and I’m not sure what an omen this snow storm might be. I’m excited about it anyway.

I did get a wonderful walk in this morning and took some pictures of you most photographic city. See on photo I took and posted on Instagram.

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