Riverside Users Conference • Seattle, Washington

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This conference will be ostensibly about data and using data to inform effective instruction in your classrooms. I want to take a slightly (and dramatically) different perspective, stepping away from the nuances of using data and examining exactly why we’re (educators) doing what we are doing – and especially why we need to be doing it differently.

Mt. Rainier, taken with in iPhone and edited with Snapseed App

There are three reasons, a perfect storm of convering conditions that are forcing us to retying education and even what it means to be educated. I’ll be making a case for these conditions, but in brief, we are…

  • Preparing a New Generation of Learners
  • Within a New information Environment
  • For a Future that We Cannot Clearly Describe

From the perspective of this conference, the pointy end of this storm is the new information environment. The very nature of information has changed during my career as an educator. It’s changed in what it looks like, what we look at to view it, how we find it, where we go to find it, what we can do with it and how we communicate it. It’s also changed in the vast quantity of data that is produced every day, about 20 Libraries of Congress worth.

Making that data tell its story is a huge part of what this conference is about and at least part of what I’ll be talking about.

  • Harnessing the Perfect Stormhandouts
  • Backchannel transcript is here

It’s great to be back in Seattle (or at least the airport) and to be with data folks who are using the Riverside software.  I learned so much at the last conference and look forward to spending another day with the folks here.  I certainly hope that they have some more of that killer chocolate cake. (see right)

I’m not sure why, but it seems that every time I fly into SEATAC, I happen to look out the window as we are passing Mt. Rainier.  Perhaps it’s because it takes such a long time.  Anyway, I grabbed a shot of the view with my iPhone yesterday and did a little quick editing with my current favorite app, Snapseed.  Enjoy.

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