67th Annual IASB Convention

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Uptown 45

I will be exploring a number of topics with conference attendees, but they fall under an umbrella structure that will be one of my presentations. It is a Perfect Storm of converging conditions that are forcing us, for the first time in decades, to rethink education and even what it means to be educated. The conditions are, that we are…

  • Preparing a new generation of learners
  • Within a new information environment
  • For a future that we can not clearly describe.

Each of these conditions has profound implications as to what and how our children learn.

  • Harnessing the New Information Landscape – handouts
  • Rebooting the Basics (keynote) – handouts
  • Harnessing the Perfect Storm – handouts
  • Backchannel transcript is here

It is a pleasure to be back in Des Moine and to a place where I do not have to worry so much about Jet Lag. I suspect that there is still no snow on the ground, though there probably no guarantee of that. I will likely add a photo or two here depending on my mood.

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