Riverside Users Conference, Long Beach California

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In the message of the closing keynote address at the Education Leadership Conference in KL, Malaysia, Australian educator, Greg Whitby urged us to write and tell a new narrative for education. It’s a message I have long urged, because we must shatter the old teacher-directed, seat-time and test-score measured story of the industrial age. I believe that the story must be short, simple, and something you can recite in an elevator.

This is my task today, to tell that story, as a perfect storm of converging conditions. There are three conditions that are brand new, and each points to a new way of accomplishing education. It focuses more on the work, literacies, and habits of learning, and the environments and experiences that facilitate them.

  • Harnessing the Perfect Storm – handouts
  • Backchannel transcript is here

It is, indeed, a pleasure to be back in the states, not to mention a civilized time zone. At this writing, I certainly hope that I got a good nights sleep.

It has been an interesting couple of weeks, finished off by nearly a week in Kuala Lumpur with school heads from international schools throughout East Asia. The conversations a similar to those I witness everywhere. Let focus on the verb, learning.

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