EARCOS Leadership Conference, Kuala Lumpur

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Hindu Temple in Kuala Lumpur, taken with iPhone and HDR Pro App

It seems that as I engage in conversations about the challenges of retooling education for this time of rapid change, I increasingly find, that the first and best idea that pops in my mind is our definition of teaching.  We have to be fair, that in retooling (restructuring, reform, you pick the verb) school, we are asking teachers to redefine what it is to be a teacher.  Teacher as authority and dispenser of knowledge no long applies and is actually detrimental to the appropriate schooling of today’s children.

The 21st century teacher must be a master learners.  It’s a point I will make again and again during the conference.  But we will explore this idea in much greater depth during my pre-conference workshop, Promoting & Supporting a Learning Culture inYour School.  I’ll confess here that being a master learner today means paying attention to all the conversations around you, and my plan is for us to learn from each other.

During the rest of my visit in KL, I will share a briefer version of teacher as master learner, by storytelling and demonstration of how professional educators are cultivating their own Personal Learning Networks.  We’ll also explore data, as a literacy skills, by making numbers tell their stories with images, the pedagogies of our students outside the classroom information experiences, and we’ll talk about a new story of education, that responds to three converging conditions that are forcing us to rethink education and even what it means to be educated.

  • Promoting & Supporting a Learning Culture inYour School – handouts
  • in-Time, On-Going, and Self-Directed Professional Development: Cultivating your Personal Learning Networks - handouts
  • Cracking the Code of the Digital Information Experience - handouts
  • DataVis: Fusing Data, Math, and Art – Handouts
  • Telling the New Story – handouts
  • Backchannel transcript is here

It was this time last year that we received the news that flooding would cancel the 2012 ELC.  You can imagine my disappointment, as I am not so accustomed to visiting such exotic places as you.  Coincidentally, I just finished keynoting a conference for BC school leaders in Vancouver, a conference that was canceled last year for other reasons.  For me, it was worth the wait. I always learn in the proximity of smart people.  The become a part of my own greater brain.  I would direct you to their backchannel chat for some enlightening conversation.

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