Notes for specific events

Virginia STEM Summit – Longwood University

STEM Summit during the Eric Rhoades Presentations So my question is, “Can we teach STEM?” I would suggest that scientists can’t be made. They’re nurtured. I recently read an article suggesting that toddlers think and solve problems like scientists. We … read more

UT SBA • Salt Lake City, Utah

Freedom Chair, constructed by a local superintendent for Utah citizens serving in the Middle East The theme for you conference is Vision and Leadership for the 21st Century.  It is one of the most important functions of our education institution … read more

Expert Summit • Fort Worth, Texas

I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about this event, when first approached about it by Patrick. But when I read through your vision document, I knew that this project and it’s driving document was something that … read more

Riverside Users Conference • Seattle, Washington

This conference will be ostensibly about data and using data to inform effective instruction in your classrooms. I want to take a slightly (and dramatically) different perspective, stepping away from the nuances of using data and examining exactly why we’re … read more

67th Annual IASB Convention

Uptown 45 I will be exploring a number of topics with conference attendees, but they fall under an umbrella structure that will be one of my presentations. It is a Perfect Storm of converging conditions that are forcing us, for … read more